Building Academic Vocabulary Review Games Part Two

I like to use games to review concepts and skills.     They are highly engaging (as documented in Marzano’s The Highly Engaged Classroom ).   They promote student discourse.   As students play, they are constantly evaluating opposing players’ work because they are competitive and want to win.   They are generally fast-paced and can build a lot of review into a little bit of time.

In my last post ,  I shared a set of cards and directions for using them to play several different games (Draw Me and a couple of versions of Charades).    In order to add a little more variety to my vocabulary review, I have also created a version of Taboo.   Students play in table groups.   A “talker” is designated (I will do this by seat position within the group).   The talker tries to get the team to say the name of the word at the top of the card.   However, the talker can not use any of the words below the line.   You can download the set of cards by clicking Taboo


Table groups will compete against each other to identify the most vocabulary words.    I will have them  play for a specified amount of time.   The group that identifies the most words in the game will be the winner (and will each get a piece of candy).


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