What am I doing here?

What am I doing here?   By here, I mean this place that is not really a place.

When a colleague suggested I join Twitter about a year ago, I looked at her and sighed.   I’m not really into social media.   Her argument was that it was a great way to make what happens in my classroom visible, to open the doors so to speak.   She argued that it as a positive means of communicating with parents and an easy way to let administrators see into the things that happen in a class all of the times when they aren’t present.  I somewhat reluctantly agreed that these were good arguments and took the plunge.

A few months later, the ExploreMTBos appeared on my horizon.   I felt guilty just “taking” from other blogs.   It felt a little like I was being that kid in class who just coasts on someone else’s work.   I always hated it when someone did that.     I decided I would give it a trial, to see how it went.   I could always quit if it wasn’t for me.   Honestly, I’ve come pretty close to doing just that a couple of times.

So, why have I stayed here?

I guess there are probably a number of reasons, but there are two that hold the truest.

  1. This place inspires me and pushes me to try new things. .   When Sarah shared a post on Function Auctions (here ),  it was an intriguing activity but there was more to it than that for me.   There was an aha moment. “Oh, I could do this with proportional relationships” (something that is hard for my sixth graders) and the idea was so compelling that I spent the next two days making it. It wasn’t that I needed it in June.  I just found the idea so intriguing that I wanted to do it.  That pushed me to think about ways that I could revisit the idea for kids who didn’t completely “get it” so I made a card sort/game that probably would never have crossed my mind without Sarah’s post.  That inspiration to think of new ways to do things to try to impact my students is powerful.
  2. I have been pushed to think in ways that I haven’t considered before.    When I read Mark’s post (here) on Exit Cards, it stuck with me for two weeks.   I found my self pondering it for a solid two weeks after reading it.   It’s not that Exit Cards are new to me.   I’ve used them as a regular part of my instruction for years.   I create them to find out what I want to know about what my students know on an almost daily basis.   I use the information that I get from them to inform my instruction.   His post, though, made me stop and consider the question of what should I want to know and why should I want to know it.   Was I asking the right questions?   Were there other questions that I should be asking as well?   That push to think more deeply about what I am doing will, I hope, help me to grow.

So, for now, that is why I find myself in this place that isn’t really a place.


2 thoughts on “What am I doing here?

  1. Glad you are blogging and participating in the #MTBoS! It is awesome we can learn from each other, share ideas, find new ideas… all in the name of providing better experiences for our students!


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