Comparing & Contrasting the GCF and LCM

The Greatest Common Factor and the Least Common Multiple are the clearest and muddiest terms I have ever encountered all at the same time.   If one really understands the difference between factors and multiples and gives a little thought to the words, the terms are perfectly clear.   Unfortunately, most 6th graders don’t fall neatly into that particular box.

My students have spent the last couple of days exploring the GCF and LCM but I am fairly certain they don’t really understand them yet.   Today, I had them complete this Comparing the GCF and LCM.foldable.   My hope is that looking at how they are similar and how they are different will help them to better grasp the concepts.

I know that they still have work to do because some of the students incorrectly identified the portion of the Venn diagram that comprises the LCM.    Hence, we will continue to explore these concepts over the next few days.


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