Adjacent and Vertical Angles Foldable

On Tuesday, I taught my 7th graders about adjacent angles, vertical angles, complementary angles, and supplementary angles.   I decided to use this as an opportunity to also review solving two-step equations (something they learned last year but that may have suffered from the summer slide a little bit).   By incorporating ratios in the description of the angle relationship and unknown angle sides, I can embed a little additional practice with ratios, writing equations, and solving equations.

I created an advance organizer/foldable to use as part of the lesson.


You can download the Adjacent and Vertical Angle Foldable by clicking on the text.

I like the structure of the inside of the organizer but am not crazy about the front.   I tried to have kids incorporate color as they completed it.   It was a valiant attempt I guess, but I think they got better as the week wore on.   Today, they did a really nice job using color to show various angle relationships on a point.   I’m not sure if it is that they got better at it or if it is that I got better at it.    This is my first time with this particular course, so I am finding that there are a lot of things I can do better next time.


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