Changing Forms of Linear Equations INB pages

My seventh grade classes started this semester with a unit solving systems of equations and inequalities.    While they have a good grasp of linear equations in slope intercept form, I am less confident in what some of them will do when presented with equations in other forms.    Since so much of our work with systems of equations will depend on the ability to work with linear equations in many forms, I am planning to spend some time early in the unit ensuring that everyone can successfully transform equations between various forms.

Today, they worked through a Connected Math lab exploring how to change between forms.   I really like the way Connected Math introduces this topic.   Students are presented with four pieces of student work in which someone has rewritten an equation in a different form that they must analyze.  Students have to determine which pieces of student work are correct, justify the steps taken for those that are correct, and identify the errors for those that are incorrect.   Each of the pieces of student work tackles the task in a different way, so students have to really think about things a little more deeply.   The lesson follows up with a task in which they move equations in slope intercept form into standard form and equations in standard form into slope intercept form.

Tomorrow, I am going to spend a second day on the concept before moving onto the next lesson in the investigation.   I want to take a little more time to solidify the concept.  I I plan to use these Interactive Notebook pages with my students to practice moving between different forms of equations

You can download the   changing-forms files by clicking on the highlighted text.

I will also have them practice with a game.     I will write about that tomorrow after I see how it goes.



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