Seeing the Big Picture – Comparing and Contrasting Different Forms of Linear Equations

In order to review how to transform between different forms of linear equations on their upcoming quiz, I  revisited the concept using a foldable comparing and contrasting the different processes needed to move from one form to another.    In this foldable, I wanted my students to see the big picture.   As they worked down a column, they focused on the process for a single type of transition.    As they looked across a row, I wanted them to focus on the big ideas of each type of transition and how they are the same and how they are different.   I am hoping that this idea of seeing both the big picture and the details into the foldable will help them to make sense of the different processes.    Marzano’s research has shown this use of comparing and contrasting produces significant gains in student outcomes.   When I have used it with other concepts, my students have said that it really helps them.   This is true for all of my students, but is especially true for my students who are more conceptual in their thinking and who have difficulty with sequential thought processes.


You can download the file for the comparing-contrasting-changing-forms-of-equations foldable by clicking on the highlighted text.


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