Recipes From Home – An Invitation

Recently, I had an aha moment.   It really should not have been one, but it was.    I was talking to someone about different spice blends, when I realized that I could ask my students for family recipes of spice blends (or other things).    I could then take these family recipes and use them to create some different tasks/questions to practice using models for division  and for ratio tasks  (This was not the aha moment).

I brought up the idea with some of my classes.    I offered 5 points of extra credit (which is nothing since my students earn over a thousand points in a marking period).   The room was suddenly abuzz.   Can I bring a recipe for scones?   My family has a bunch of different spice recipes.   I can bring something from Croatia.   Can I bring a recipe for something besides spices but that is a family recipe?   I can bring something from Argentina.   Everyone was so excited.   My aha moment was a realization that by doing something as small as asking them for recipes that we could turn into math problems, I was giving them a little more ownership of our class.  I was welcoming their families and their cultures into our world.

Here are the task cards I have created thus far for modeling mixed number division.


Modeling Division Problems


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